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Dickson County Jail Staff

The primary function of the Dickson County Jail is to provide a safe and secure environment for inmates housed at the jail and to protect the public from those incarcerated. This is accomplished by providing 24 hour medical staffing and security checks by Deputies throughout the day. The jail houses on average around 300 inmates at any given time. These inmates are classified into housing units in the jail based on a number of factors such as current charges, past charges and escape history. The jail provides several classes for inmates to attend such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Celebrate Recovery, GED (HiSET), and various other classes. Inmates are provided with the opportunity to be assigned to jobs throughout the jail as well.

Captain Dwayne Hayes, Corrections (2).jpg

Chief Jailer Dwayne Hayes

Chief Hayes began his career at the Dickson County Sheriff’s office in May of 1990 as a Jailer. Between then and September 2014 he worked his way up the ranks and was Captain over training for the agency. During his time away from the Sheriff’s Office he worked on a federal contract as a trainer for the security staff at federal buildings in Tennessee.  Upon returning to the Sheriff’s Office in March 2021, he took on the duties of Jail Administrator.

Captain Brian Cave

Captain Cave is a Marine Corps and Indiana Army National Guard veteran. He began his career with the Dickson County Sheriff's Office on November 4, 2010 in corrections, where he worked his way up to Sergeant. From corrections, he transferred to the bailiff's position, then on to patrol.

While performing the duties in the patrol division, he was able to obtain the ranks of Field Training Officer (FTO), Corporal, and Sergeant. He has previously served as a team member on Charlie Team for the Special Response Team (SRT). On March 27, 2023, he was promoted to the position of Captain in the Corrections Division.

Cpl. Calvin Lewis.JPG

Sergeant Calvin Lewis, Facility Security Officer

Ashley Whitworth, Corrections FTO.JPG

Administrative Sergeant Ashley Whitworth

Sgt Whitworth started her career in June of 2016 as a corrections floor deputy, working up to a Field Training officer in 2022. She loved being a training officer , meeting all the new recruits and showing them daily operations of the jail. She has since moved up to Jail Admin Sergeant where she over sees the work crews, administration deputies, and state inmate's sentences. 

146 County Jail Drive

Charlotte, TN 37036


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