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Dickson County Inmate Communication

Due to daily jail operations that must be completed, the following times will be blocked out for jail appointments.

EFFECTIVE  06/19/2023



5:30 AM TO 7:30 AM

11:30 AM TO 12:30 PM

4 PM TO 5 PM

7 PM TO 7:30 PM

We appreciate your patience and helping us keep the jail secure and the community safe.

Thank you!

Chief Hayes

Combined Public Communication (CPC) is the vendor for the following:

To add funds to an inmates phone account, to schedule video visitation, or to add funds to an inmate's texting account, please visit (link below)

3 Easy Steps!

1. Create an account on
2. Download t
he InmateSales app.
3. Add a method of payment.

To add funds to an inmates vapors account click the button below: Any funds being added for vapors must be submitted by 2pm on Wednesday. Any funds added after that time will go towards the next weeks order.

Download the App:

Call Rates:

Direct Pay & PIN Debit Rates

Local Calls $0.14/minute + taxes

Toll Calls & Long Distance In State $0.20/minute + taxes

Long Distance Out of State $0.20/minute + taxes

For CPC Customer Service for Friends/Family: 866-340-7879

TBE Commissary-Beazo Distribution

Commissary orders can be placed by 11:59 pm on Wednesday. It will be passed out on Saturday every week. Holidays may affect the commissary delivery days/times. 

Cash will be counted in the presence of the inmate at time of intake, placed in kiosk and receipted to the inmate commissary account. NO OTHER TIME WILL MONEY BE HANDLED BY STAFF.

To add funds to an inmate's COMMISSARY click the link: 





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