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Inmate Allowed Items

Inmate Allowed Items

Beginning February 14th, 2021 the items listed below must be new in the manufacturer's packaging to be accepted into the jail. Towels  will now be provided to the inmate by the jail so they will no longer be accepted.




A 72 hour package can be received for the inmate. This is allowed once a year. These packages will only be accepted during normal business hours, Monday-Friday, 8:00-6:00p., excluding holidays.

72-Hour Inmate Package List

Following are the items that are approved for the inmate to receive on their 72-hour package:

All items must be white, new from the department store and packaging can NOT be tampered with. 


 5 pair of socks  


5 underwear/briefs  


5 t-shirts (no pockets and must be short sleeve, no tank tops or muscle shirts) 

5 bras or sports bra (no underwire) 


1 set of thermal underwear for men and women  

    (Must be waffle style and can be off-white)

This is the only place that we will accept books from that is sent to the jail.  Any books sent in must have the inmates name and sent to the attention of Security Officer

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